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Ian Davison

Ian Davison grew up in Cambridge and went to Cambridge University to study Natural Sciences. In 1984, while studying for a PhD in Psychology, he joined the Green Party and was involved in starting and running a University green group. 

Ian then trained as a teacher and taught in state secondary schools for 14 years with a variety of roles including head of science and senior teacher. Currently he is a research fellow at the University of Birmingham. He mainly conducts research in postgraduate medical education.

Ian lives in Leamington Spa with his partner for the last 23 years. Their two children attend local state schools.

Ian has been active in local green politics for over 20 years. He has grave concerns about conventional economics and government's inadequate response to climate change. Put simply, the throw-away society is not making people any happier, healthier or richer and is destroying our economy and environment. Ian has given many talks on the science of climate change and welcomes the opportunity to debate the science of climate change in public. He is confident that the people and companies of the UK would avert dangerous climate change if only our politicians had the courage to face up to reality.


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