Green Budget proposals focus on Children’s Centres and dealing with traffic gridlock.

08 February 2018

Conservative Central government continue to slash money to Councils for services like roads, older people care and health visitors while expecting them to raise resident’s Council Tax.

New Figures show 'measly' Warwickshire Council spend on cycling

18 December 2017

New figures unearthed by the Green Party have been released showing that Warwickshire spends less than 10% the recommended amount on cycling.

Councillor Jonathan Chilvers speaks out on air pollution

09 November 2017

Dangerous levels of pollution in Leamington are putting health at risk.

Greens Win In Warwickshire

07 May 2017

Green Party County Councillors Keith Kondakor and Jonathan Chilvers held their seats at this week’s local county elections.

Campaigning for safer roads around schools in South Leamington

14 February 2017

Green Party County Council Candidate Martin Luckhurst is joined by Green Party campaigners Harry Palmer and Mark Armitage to deliver a petition to Cllr John Horner ( Warwickshire County Council cabinet portfolio holder for community safety). The petition was to ask the County Council to place 20 mph speed limits around Clapham Terrace, Sydenham and St Anthony's primary schools in Willes (South Leamington), after concerns were raised by residents regarding speeding in the area. Martin and Green Party colleagues collected 741 signatures from local residents. Martin said 'Safety on our roads is really important, especially around our schools. Listening to the concerns of local residents about speeding in the area, it made sense to push the County Council to add 20mph speed limits around these schools. I will be very happy to see the wishes of the residents brought to fruition by the Council as one of many steps to make our community safer'.

Parks and Pedals

04 August 2016

The Parade and Parks Pedal is a 5-mile leisure ride, which is particularly aimed at those who would like to cycle but are concerned about their fitness or are not particularly confident in traffic. This event is being held every Sunday in August, starting at 9am at the top of the Parade. If you would like to find out more or get involved contact Ian Davison at

Cllrs Jonathan Chilvers & Ian Davison Presenting 10 Point Plan

Time's up for Bad Landlords

21 April 2016

Warwick District Green Party has challenged bad landlords to up their game in South Leamington as part of a 10 point plan to improve Private Housing.

Warwickshire Green County Councillors secure £35,000 for developing cycleways

25 February 2016

Lots more people would cycle for short journeys if it were safer and more enjoyable to do so. Today Green Councillors Keith Kondakor and Jonathan Chilvers managed to get Warwickshire Council to put an additional £35,000 into developing cycle proposals for developers to fund as part of new builds. ‪#‎greeninfluence‬

Natalie Bennett's coming to town

24 January 2016

Natalie Bennett will be visiting the Warwick District Green Party on Saturday 6th February. She will be talking about Europe and other Green issues.

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